Slot Overview: Buffalo Toro

It’s funny, because Toro and the Matador just finished a three-slot global tour commemorating the fifth anniversary of ELK’s Wild Toro. This time around, the dynamic team has traveled to the United States in pursuit of the legendary Golden Buffalo, albeit they each have their own reasons for doing so. Toro is in disguise to protect the remaining members of the herd from the Matador, who is only interested in taking their golden skins. Buffalo Toro’s roster of features includes not only the two main characters, but also Walking Wilds, Toro Goes Wild, two sets of free spins, and five different X-iter possibilities.

Wild Toro 2 adds even more nuance to the original’s seductive Spanish backdrop, complete with oranges, fans, toreadors, flowers, and a lovely plaza. Don’t worry, Buffalo Toro maintains the same level of immersion as its Old World predecessors, while being set in the New World. This is because of the fantastic Wild West music and the background scene of a canyon filled with cactus, which seems like it was painted in oil. There is a lot of comedic banter because the two main characters have returned. The Matador has ditched his cape in favor of a handgun, while Toro has donned a feathered headpiece in an effort to blend in.

The board for Buffalo Toro consists of 6 reels, 4 rows, and 4,096 possible winning combinations. There are statistically significant advantages and disadvantages, with a win possibility of 50,000 times the stake being a huge advantage. There is only one betting option available regardless of where you choose to play, thus the return to player (RTP) is not particularly high at 94%. High volatility (an 8 out of 10) and a wide betting range (from 20 pence up to £/€50 per play) are to be expected from a slot with so much potential.

There are eleven distinct winning combinations that are formed when identical symbols appear on neighboring reels starting on the leftmost reel. The lowest paying six symbol winning combination is a faintly patterned 9-A royal, which returns between 0.8 and 1.6 times the stake. When a six-of-kind way is made up of bears, wolves, cougars, eagles, and bulls, the payout climbs to 2.4 to 6.0 times the wager.

Slot Machine Buffalo Toro – Game Play

Several different kinds of wild symbols can be used to help players generate winning combinations. The first is a simple wild that may be used in place of any other pay icon. Then, there are Multiplier Wilds, which not only complete winning combinations by substituting for missing symbols, but also increase their value by a factor of 2 or 3. If a win involves more than one multiplier wild, the multipliers are multiplied together.

Toro’s Wild Walk and Toro’s Wild Go

Wild number three is Toro, the Wandering Wild. Toro travels to the left after being struck, eventually leaving the map. Each of Toro’s strides causes a rewind. The Toro Goes Wild bonus is activated when both the Toro and Matador symbols appear on the screen at the same time. Toro takes the Matador spots when activated, leaving a trail of standard wild symbols in his wake.

Turns Like a Matador

If at least two Matador symbols land on a tile, they become sticky and cause a respin to occur. A further respin will be granted if a second Matador lands on a respin.

Freebie Item

With 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols landed during the main game, the player is awarded 8, 12, 16, or 20 free games. However, the super bonus game is granted if one of the bonus symbols that triggered the bonus is a super bonus symbol. During the bonus game, a combination of 2 scatters grants an additional 4 free spins, and a combination of 3 or more scatters grants an additional set of free spins in the same way as the bonus game was initiated.

When a gold buffalo symbol lands during a free spin, it is gathered and turned into a standard buffalo symbol. If you gather three gold buffalo symbols, the feature will continue with the lowest paying symbol on the reels changed into a buffalo. You can earn a maximum of 12 golden buffalo emblems.

The rules for the super bonus round are the same as for the regular bonus round, with the addition of Rampage Reels for every three gold buffalos acquired. In Rampage Reels, only buffalo symbols appear on the reels. When triggered, any number of Rampage Reels up to the maximum number will become active. When 3, 6, 9, or 12 gold buffalos are amassed, respectively, the player has the option of using 2, 3, 4, or 5 Rampage Reels.


When you click the X-iter feature purchase button, you’ll see five unique ways to play Buffalo Toro, each with the same 94% return to player rate.

You can get one spin with a guaranteed Matador Respin for 10 times your stake.

Bet 25 times and receive one spin where the Toro Goes Wild feature is locked in place.

When you wager 50x, you get three spins with a guaranteed Rampage Reels feature.

Bonus: For 100 times your wager, you may purchase the standard free spins feature.

If you wager 500 times your original wager, you’ll gain access to the Super Bonus round.

Slot Result for Buffalo Toro

It’s clear from Buffalo Toro that Toro and the Matador are still at odds with one other. This implies that the Toro Goes Wild elements occur whenever the two characters collide. They’ve been at each other’s throats for almost five years, so it’s not exactly hilarious, but their feud adds a unique dynamic to whatever game they participate in. One of the more long-lasting partnerships in slot machines, Buffalo Toro is the fourth time the two gents have been brought together. It’s a well-known fact that opposites attract.

What else does Buffalo Toro have going for him except the laughs? The atmosphere is spot on, thanks to ELK. There are plenty other Buffalo-themed slot machines out there, but ELK’s visuals and music team have once again demonstrated why this region is such a draw for both producers and gamers. If done well, as ELK has here, the North American environment may be a portal between the mundane and the fantastical.

But remember to keep your feet firmly on the ground; Buffalo Toro is no pushover, either. The RTP creep is a serious problem, for one. It would be interesting to watch how people react to this new 94% estimate, given that there were already complaints about ELK’s goto 95% figure. Buffalo Toro proved to be a game that was difficult to hit anything of any consequence on after hours of testing, and although the reduction may not be immediately noticeable in practice, it does leave a bitter taste. Is that enough to make you back out of the deal? It’s possible, especially for highly knowledgeable competitive players, but casual gamers might not care as much because they’re more interested in having fun.

It’s been said that trying to decipher Buffalo Toro can be a lot of fun. In an effort to fill the grid with as many buffalo symbols as possible, the symbol upgrade can work like a charm when combined with the Rampaging Reels. Super scatter symbols only occur on the sixth reel, making a natural trigger unlikely. Another option is to purchase it from the X-iter, although doing so would set you back 500x and it may be difficult to recover your investment at times, both of which are prevalent characteristics of ELK slots.

Have you ever been on a commute in a crowded bus or train and been able to find a happy private mental place to block out the uncomfortable conditions, pushing, shoving, passive-aggressive battles for a seat, and general irritation of being packed into a restrictive space, allowing you to arrive at work ready to bring it in the boardroom? Like that, when I played Buffalo Toro. A rip-roaring buffalo-themed game awaits anyone who can ignore the grim severity of the action.






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