Who am I?

I'm Paulo, a former Software Engineer and Engineering Leader who's been around the tech block for ~15 years.

During this time, I was fortunate to work with many people from whom I learnt a great deal. I gathered unique perspectives on what enables flow in product development and software engineering teams in particular, and developed a skillset I'm eager to apply in helping others.

I believe in leading based on first principles; immutable truths that form the foundation of any successful company or product. One of those truths is that people always come first. Talented individuals who work well together inevitably achieve great success.

How I Usually Help

  • Tech Org Building - leading/managing, culture, recruiting, strategy
  • Advising & Consulting - hands-on support on specific projects (e.g. opening up a second tech hub, executing a re-org)
  • Exec Coaching - building resilience, enabling productivity and performance

What I Look For

My primary focus is on teams with a growth-mindset who are on a worthwhile mission to help build a better world. I believe that what companies do and don't do right after product-market fit (entering the “scale-up phase”) is critical.

For example, if you’re a founding CTO and have just raised a Series A round, you may want help navigating your role at the company as you scale the engineering team:

  • What is in the way of flow of value through engineering, product, and design?
  • What positive feedback loops and compounding advantages can be uncovered?
  • How do we find, hire and onboard effectively the best possible talent?
  • How do we become a learning organization that gets 1% better every day?

Getting In Touch

You can find me on Twitter @prla. My DMs are open.

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